Comprehensive cleaning services of offices, factories, hotels, shops and hospitals

We provide cleaning services of the highest quality. We work in a B2B system.



Our company provides offices cleaning services. Professional approach to the implementation of tasks, quickly and effectively work, reliably selected staff, accurate calculation of purity - it is only a small part of the whole spectrum of convenient services that we can offer to make your office shone with cleanliness.


We clean up and keep clean production facilities of any type at the professional level. Clean production area - is a healthy working atmosphere, observance of environmental norms and standards in the company and increase production quality. We use only proven equipment and cleaning products.


Cleaning of shops and shopping centers, that you can order, is done very quickly and qualitatively. Commercial facilities service made up of comprehensive surface cleaning of premises, increasing the level of comfort and customer loyalty. Your shop will always be in perfect condition. We guarantee it!


Comfort Service uses modern technology in cleaning medical centers and hospitals: in patients' rooms, treatment rooms, ect. The work schedule is planned after checking of the object and the tasks to be performed and always with the consent of management or persons responsible for entrusted area.


Constant cleaning of hotels and apartments provided only under the long-term contracts. Owing excellent work organization, planning and strict quality control of the work, the level of our services is always at the highest level. Even the most demanding guests will appreciate your care about them.


Cleaning of apartments or family houses - one of the services provided by us, directed to keep you oasis clean and order. Clean and fresh air at home - the guarantee of health and good humor. We use only hypoallergenic cleaning products, which are absolutely not harmful to humans, animals and the environment.


be sure - everything is in cleanliness!

Professional cleaning service

We are pleased to offer you the performance of professional cleaning services of residentials, offices and industrials. We select only qualified personnel, which is not only perfectly perform their work, but will give you a sunny smile and good mood for the whole day. Our team is a dynamic team. We adjust to your needs, rules, instructions and time. At your request (in case of a company order), we are able to do not look like an external company - working clothes or informants may be the logo or the name of the client company. The color of working clothes can be selected according to the color of your employees clothes. Our staff will be always trained and will work according to the instructions and regulations of health cards designed exclusively for a particular client, either they clean the apartment, home or office, including all requests and demands.

Also, you will always feel comfortable in your home or in the workplace. We also would like to add that all the tools are upheld in use in accordance with the terms indicated by the manufacturers, therefore you will be always satisfied with the quality of cleaning entrusted objects. We use only best brands professional cleaners to ensure excellent cleanliness and safe use of the cleaned surfaces.

We wish you a shiny smile and bright ideas!

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Our company has an insurance policy in the amount of PLN 100.000 (EUR 23.000)


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